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General Strike 9/11/08 is committed to restoring the rule of the law, ending the American nightmare & guaranteeing that the American dream is more than just a pipe dream for most Americans.

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Everyone agrees that Washington is broke. Including the top two presidential candidates, from both parties.

Historically REAL change comes from massive street protest not from the ballot box. We believe that Washington needs a strong dose of democracy & only a General Strike can deliver that. Not for one day. Not for one week. But until we've won.

It does not even matter which party you belong to, or if you support the war or are against it. Because if you do support this war then the treatment of our troops at Walter Reed, Fort Bragg, etc. is appauling & unacceptable. And if you are against the war then Congress's inaction, inability & utter failure to carry out their duties is appauling & unacceptable.

For once voters from both parties can agree on something: This government does not represent us.

When government & business work together to the exclusion of the population it is not free market it is fascism. When all else has failed (the courts/Congress) our system of checks & balances is very clear.